Health and Safety

This Website Health and Safety Policy was last updated on 17th January 2024, and the latest version is published on this page.

Physical and Mental Health Wellbeing

A happy and healthy workforce makes for a satisfied, stress-free and supportive workplace, and OHMG  places a huge emphasis on the physical and mental Health and Safety of all those under its stewardship. Senior management, including the company’s Health and Safety team, has undertaken courses to help ensure that all employees are content going about their business in a comfortable working environment which is fair, inclusive and diverse. A special construction industry helpline is open 24/7 to offer professional advice and guidance.

Safety Work Behaviour

All staff working on OHMG sites receive Health and Safety training to Chartered Building Company status to make sure they are safe and legally compliant. The courses are designed to ensure everyone has the knowledge and skills needed to carry out everyday tasks confidently and safely.  The culture of safety awareness, and risk management, is encouraged at all times, and OHMG  is proud of its record that all sites are effectively managed and supervised. Health and Safety requirements are reviewed annually, and employee contributions to those discussions play a significant role in the decision making process.


Training and Competency

As a Chartered Building Company, OHMG  is committed to providing a high level of training development to all our apprentices, employees and supply chain in an effort to maximize job opportunities. A “Training Needs” analysis, identifying additional specific training requirements, is completed by all our employees.

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