We are delighted to announce the completion and handover of the Newforge Sports Complex & Event Hub, a landmark project heralding a new era of community development and cross-community engagement in South Belfast. As the main contractor, OHMG worked diligently to bring this £6m vision to fruition, creating a state-of-the-art facility on a 16-hectare site that previously served as a police sports centre.

This ambitious project, spearheaded by the Newforge Community Development Trust, aims to transform a once-restricted area into a vibrant community hub that promotes peace and reconciliation throughout Northern Ireland and the cross-border region.

The completion of the Newforge Sports Complex & Event Hub not only provides a premier sports and events facility but also establishes a crucial space for fostering relationships and understanding among different community groups. OHMG Ltd is honoured to have been part of this transformative project and looks forward to witnessing the positive impact it will have on the community for years to come.

The 5,286 sqm facility features a shared reception, a large sports hall, fitness suites, treatment and changing rooms, multi-purpose spaces, a refreshment area, office and conference rooms, ample parking, and beautifully landscaped areas.

One of the standout objectives of this project was the achievement of Disability Sport NI’s Inclusive Sports Facility Excellence mark, ensuring that the complex is accessible and welcoming to all.

Newforge has already hosted some memorable sporting events and is now the home to Belfast Star Basketball Club, one of the leading and most successful basketball clubs in Ireland. Enjoy!