Wellcome-Wolfson Institute of Experimental Medicine

Delivered by OHMG Ltd., this 9,000m2 facility was established to deepen our understanding of disease mechanisms and enhance patient outcomes. It accommodates 330 staff members specializing in research, with a focus on finding cures for eye diseases and diabetes, and contributing to a global program unraveling the genetics of chronic diseases.

A notable feature of the building is its twin-skin exterior envelope, strategically designed to improve thermal performance. At the heart of the Institute is a central atrium, serving as a focal point for meetings, displays, and conferences, fostering collaboration and interaction among researchers.

This facility, which has since become a multi-award-winning project, received an excellent BREEAM rating for its environmental sustainability. It stands as a testament to OHMG Ltd.’s commitment to creating a more sustainable and eco-friendly research facility, recognized for its outstanding contributions in the field.

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