Tullybrook Housing Development

The comprehensive project entails the construction of a total of 108 residential units, marking a significant development in the vibrant community of Tullybrook, situated in Drogheda, Co. Louth. The scope of work encompasses not only the construction of the residential units but also includes extensive site-works designed to enhance the overall infrastructure and functionality of the area.

This ambitious undertaking involves the meticulous creation of footpaths, roads, and designated car parking spaces, contributing to the accessibility and convenience of the residential complex. Street lighting will be strategically implemented to ensure safety and visibility within the community. Ducting for utilities forms an integral part of the project, laying the groundwork for efficient utility services for the residents.

Furthermore, the project includes the formation of new connections to existing public foul and surface water drainage systems, a critical component for sustainable and environmentally conscious urban planning. Seamless integration with existing utilities is prioritized to ensure a smooth and reliable supply of essential services to the residential units.

The site’s specific location on Tullybrook Lane adds a distinct character to the project, nestled within the scenic surroundings of Drogheda. This development not only aims to provide quality housing but also seeks to create a cohesive and well-designed community that aligns with the evolving needs and aspirations of its residents. The Tullybrook Lane project stands as a testament to the commitment to thoughtful urban development, contributing positively to the growth and vitality of the region.

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