The McClay Library

Delivered by OHMG Ltd., this award-winning four-storey building on Botanic Avenue in Belfast stands as a testament to architectural excellence. The structure comprises a new library and an adjoining mathematics building, completed in two phases.

The library, fully glazed to create a modern aesthetic, boasts an interior illuminated by a multi-storey open atrium, providing an engaging environment for the 2000 students and staff it accommodates. Emphasizing sustainability, the building incorporates a heat recovery system and leverages passive solar energy for efficient operations.

An exceptional feature of the library is the C.S. Lewis Room, accessible through a replica of the wardrobe door from the Narnia Chronicles. This imaginative touch adds a unique dimension to the facility, creating an inspiring and memorable space within the academic setting.

OHMG Ltd.’s delivery of this project underscores their commitment to constructing not just functional but also aesthetically pleasing and innovative structures that contribute to the academic and cultural landscape.

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