St Josephs High School

The extensive project entails the development and construction of a replacement high school, designed as a combination of single and two-storey structures with an expansive gross internal floor area of 9607 square meters. This modern school complex, built and delivered by OHMG Ltd., is envisioned to cater to diverse educational needs, providing a conducive learning environment.

The facilities within the new school will encompass dedicated classroom spaces for various subjects, including English, maths, languages, religious education, geography, and history. Additionally, specialized classrooms for science, technology, art and design, information and communication technology (ICT), music, and home economics will be included. OHMG Ltd. ensures that each classroom is complemented by associated technician accommodations and storage rooms, guaranteeing a well-equipped and functional learning environment.

Beyond academic spaces, the school complex, constructed and delivered by OHMG Ltd., will house separate facilities such as a sports hall, gym hall, and multipurpose hall. These spaces will be equipped with associated amenities, including toilets, changing rooms, and shower facilities for both pupils and staff, fostering a holistic approach to education that prioritizes physical well-being and recreational activities.

The construction timeline, managed by OHMG Ltd., is structured to prioritize the completion of the new school buildings and associated external works. Once the transition from the existing school to the new facility, delivered by OHMG Ltd., is successfully completed, the existing school can be systematically demolished and removed. Subsequently, the focus will shift to the finalization of all remaining site works, ensuring a seamless and well-coordinated project that prioritizes the safety and efficient transition of students and staff to their new educational environment.

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