SRC Banbridge

The Banbridge campus, an impressive £15 million educational initiative, spans 4500 square meters and stands as a testament to outstanding learning facilities. At its core, this campus is designed to foster a dynamic and innovative learning environment, featuring dedicated spaces such as a Learning Resource Centre and an Innovation Hub.

Specialising in digital media and design, the Banbridge campus is a hub of learning excellence, meticulously crafted to promote skill development with cutting-edge technology and educational resources. The forward-thinking design ensures that students have access to the latest tools and techniques, preparing them for the evolving demands of their respective fields.

A distinctive feature of the campus is the Design Centre, providing students with a real-world working environment. In this space, they engage with industrial design briefs and projects, gaining practical experience that reflects industry best practices. This immersive approach not only enriches their academic journey but also prepares them for the challenges and opportunities they will encounter in their future careers.

The Banbridge campus, delivered with a focus on innovation and forward-looking education, is poised to become a catalyst for learning excellence in digital media and design. OHMG Ltd.’s role in bringing this vision to life underscores their commitment to constructing educational spaces that inspire creativity, encourage collaboration, and provide students with the tools they need to thrive in their chosen fields.

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