School of Biological Sciences, Queen’s University.

Delivered by OHMG, this cutting-edge educational and research facility spans an impressive 11,000 square metres and is designed to accommodate 920 staff and students. Its primary focus is to catalyse the advancement of Life Sciences and research, particularly in the critical domain of ‘Global Food Security.’ This project marks a significant milestone as the new school is the very first in Ireland to achieve full compliance with Building Information Modelling (BIM) Level 2 standards.

The school’s architectural design encompasses a range of essential features. It includes a well-appointed lecture theatre, state-of-the-art CAT III laboratories equipped with a remarkable array of 17 mass spectrometers, versatile teaching spaces, and seminar rooms. A striking and inviting entrance/breakout atrium graces the structure, serving as a welcoming and collaborative space for students and faculty alike.

Central to the design is the concept of the atrium, often referred to as the ‘glazed street,’ which serves as the vibrant social nucleus of the school. This architectural element is not only visually appealing but also fosters interaction, idea-sharing, and a sense of community. The central light wells integrated within the building’s design play a pivotal role in delivering natural light to all floors, creating an open, well-illuminated, and uplifting environment that encourages research and learning.

OHMG is proud to have played a key role in delivering this state-of-the-art educational and research facility, furthering the cause of Life Sciences and Global Food Security. We are committed to pushing the boundaries of construction and project management, and this project represents our dedication to achieving high standards of excellence and innovation in every aspect of our work.

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