Queen’s Elms Student Village

In a transformative project executed with precision by OHMG Ltd., the demolition of four ten-story tower blocks paved the way for a visionary development: a collection of inviting low-rise residences centered around a vibrant social hub, all within a meticulously landscaped master plan.

Under the careful execution of OHMG Ltd., the project unfolded in two distinctive phases, each contributing to the creation of a dynamic and modern living environment.

Phase 1: Crafting a Student Haven

The inaugural phase involved the construction of 14 three-story student accommodation blocks, collectively providing 462 en-suite rooms. OHMG Ltd.’s commitment to quality was evident in the thoughtful design and construction, ensuring that the residences not only met but exceeded the expectations of modern student living.

Phase 2: Elevating the Living Experience

The second phase marked a significant expansion of the Queens Elms Halls of Residence development. OHMG Ltd. oversaw the construction of an additional 15 three-story student accommodation blocks, totaling 495 en-suite rooms. At the heart of this phase emerged a new social hub, meticulously designed to foster community engagement and student well-being.

The central hub, delivered by OHMG Ltd., is a multifunctional space designed to enhance the overall living experience. It includes cafeteria areas, a walk-in coffee shop of retail standards, a juice bar, a franchised supermarket, an ATM point, and a laundry facility. Notably, the hub also features an extensive catering and conference facility, underscoring the commitment to creating a dynamic and versatile space that goes beyond basic living requirements.

The completion of this visionary project by OHMG Ltd. represents a transformative shift, turning a demolition site into a modern haven for students. The meticulous planning and execution have not only elevated the residential landscape but have also provided a blueprint for contemporary, community-focused living environments.

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