National Football Stadium Windsor Park

Delivered by OHMG Ltd, the multi-award-winning National Football Stadium at Windsor Park is a testament to our commitment to excellence in construction and project management. This portfolio post showcases our successful involvement in this iconic project, which has become a source of pride for Belfast and beyond.

The National Football Stadium at Windsor Park is a true jewel in our portfolio. With its impressive capacity of over 18,000 seats, it not only stands as a symbol of sporting prowess but also represents a multi-functional facility. In addition to hosting top-tier football matches, this remarkable stadium offers state-of-the-art conference and training facilities. These spaces are equipped to meet a diverse range of needs, making it a go-to venue for various events and gatherings.

A special highlight of this project is the museum contained within the stadium. It houses an extensive collection of football memorabilia, further enhancing its value as a cultural and educational asset. This museum adds a unique dimension to the stadium, making it a destination not only for sports enthusiasts but also for those seeking to explore the rich history and heritage of the beautiful game.

OHMG Ltd takes immense pride in having played a pivotal role in the successful delivery of this exceptional project. Our commitment to quality, precision, and innovative solutions is evident in every aspect of this stadium’s construction. The National Football Stadium at Windsor Park, a Belfast landmark, is a testament to our dedication to creating lasting legacies that enrich communities and elevate the built environment. We look forward to continuing our tradition of excellence in future projects.

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