Lismore Comprehensive School

The comprehensive project entails the development and construction of a new replacement Post Primary School, covering an expansive area of approximately 15,800 square meters and designed to accommodate a long-term enrolment of 1200 pupils. Notably, this transformative initiative is set to unfold on the existing school site, ensuring continuity in its educational legacy.

The envisioned school facilities go beyond the standard, aligning with the Department of Education (DE) handbooks and regulations. Sporting amenities are an integral part of the plan, featuring three pitches and four tennis courts, all meticulously designed to meet compliance standards.

A standout feature of the project is the incorporation of enhanced sports infrastructure, including a 700-square-meter sports hall and gymnasium. Additionally, a spacious dining facility has been strategically positioned to offer panoramic views to the south, embracing the semi-rural surroundings and creating a conducive environment for students.

Central to the ethos of inclusivity and comprehensive learning is the large Learning Support Centre (LSC), spanning an impressive 580 square meters and located at the heart of the new building. This innovative space serves as a hub for inclusive education, designed to operate independently or seamlessly integrate with the broader school framework.

Critical to the success of this ambitious venture is the extensive collaboration with key stakeholders. OHMG Ltd. has worked closely with the Education Authority, Department of Education, and local community representatives to ensure that the design aligns with their collective vision and garners full support for the project.

In essence, this project is not merely about constructing a new school; it’s a visionary effort to create a fully inclusive and forward-thinking educational institution. OHMG Ltd.’s commitment to excellence and collaborative planning positions this initiative as a transformative milestone in the educational landscape, embracing the needs of both current and future generations of learners.

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