Frederick Street Car Park

Frederick Street Car Park is a mixed-use, multi-storey development masterfully constructed by OHMG Ltd., comprising 350 turn-key car-parking spaces. In addition to covered, illuminated, and secure bicycle parking spaces, the development features a car park security office and shell retail space.

This thoughtfully designed development incorporates soft landscaping, including trees, shrubs, and climbing plants, creating a green buffer between the car park and adjacent residential properties. The car park also includes a designated area to house the mechanical access platform, primarily serving the nearby university.

OHMG Ltd.’s role in the project extends to the installation of signage, car parking equipment, and associated site works beyond the site’s boundary. The Frederick Street Car Park stands as a testament to OHMG Ltd.’s expertise in delivering comprehensive and well-integrated multi-use developments that contribute positively to both urban functionality and aesthetics.

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