Foyle Arena

Delivered by OHMG Ltd, the complex is strategically situated within the picturesque surroundings of St Columb’s Park, renowned as a hub for excellence in various sporting disciplines such as wall climbing, judo, wrestling, and mountaineering. This project showcases our commitment to constructing cutting-edge facilities that cater to diverse sporting needs and foster a culture of athleticism.

At the heart of this complex lies a multi-purpose indoor sports hall, designed to accommodate up to 2,000 spectators. This versatile space serves as the epicenter for hosting a myriad of major sports events and cultural gatherings, reinforcing the region’s reputation as a hub for both athletic and artistic expression.

Complementing the indoor facilities is a fully equipped fitness suite, which caters to athletes and fitness enthusiasts alike. It includes a dedicated strength and conditioning area, where individuals can fine-tune their physical prowess. An innovative feature of this fitness suite is the inclusion of a Cryo-Spa ice bath, providing state-of-the-art recovery and therapy options for athletes, promoting peak performance and wellness.

The center also boasts a 25-meter swimming pool, offering a world-class aquatic experience to visitors. Whether for competitive swimming, leisurely laps, or aqua fitness programs, this pool enhances the facility’s appeal to a broad spectrum of the community.

Further enhancing the comprehensive offerings of the complex is an outdoor floodlit 3G synthetic sports pitch. This all-weather playing surface ensures that sports and recreational activities can continue regardless of weather conditions, making it an invaluable resource for athletes and sports enthusiasts year-round.

OHMG Ltd takes immense pride in delivering this dynamic and multifaceted facility that not only bolsters the local sports scene but also contributes to the overall health and well-being of the community. We remain committed to bringing innovative and sustainable projects to life, enriching the lives of those who engage with them and elevating the standards of recreational and athletic facilities.

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