Cuchulainn Heights

The Cuchulainn Height Development involved the construction of 90 houses, comprising a mix of detached, semi-detached, townhouses, and apartments.

The construction of Cuchulainn Heights was divided into five phases, each with specific unit counts and durations:

– Phase 1: 10 units in 12 months
– Phase 2: 38 units in 12 months
– Phase 3: 31 units in 12 months
– Phase 4: 16 units in 9 months
– Phase 5: 24 units in 10 months

All phases included associated site development works. The project incorporated two different house types, and due to challenging ground conditions, precast driven piles were employed. Infrastructure enhancements were made to connect with the main road, creating cul-de-sacs, parking bays, and roundabouts.

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