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Over many years, OHMG Ltd. has forged a robust and enduring relationship with Boots, undertaking numerous projects across various locations in Ireland. This longstanding collaboration has involved a range of endeavours, demonstrating OHMG Ltd.’s commitment to excellence and versatility in delivering comprehensive construction solutions to meet Boots’ evolving needs.

A significant facet of this ongoing relationship is the extensive work carried out in Boots stores across Ireland, covering various services and improvements. OHMG Ltd.’s involvement includes the fit-out of Boots stores throughout the country, with a particular highlight being the transformation of their flagship store in Belfast.

The scope of work undertaken by OHMG Ltd. showcases the depth and breadth of their capabilities. This includes meticulous demolition processes, ensuring seamless transitions and transformations within the store environments. OHMG Ltd. has also been instrumental in handling the removal of asbestos, prioritising safety and compliance with regulatory standards.

Moreover, OHMG Ltd. has executed intricate projects involving the refurbishment of existing escalators and lifts, enhancing both functionality and aesthetics. The installation of a new gas supply system stands as a testament to the company’s proficiency in implementing essential infrastructure upgrades to support the stores’ operational requirements.

The refit of sales floors is another critical aspect of OHMG Ltd.’s contributions, creating modern, customer-friendly spaces that align with Boots’ brand ethos. Simultaneously, the installation of extensive mechanical and electrical (M&E) services underscores OHMG Ltd.’s dedication to providing comprehensive solutions that cater to the evolving demands of contemporary retail environments.

In essence, OHMG Ltd.’s extensive relationship with Boots, spanning multiple years, is characterised by a dynamic partnership that goes beyond conventional construction. It involves continuous collaboration, adaptability to changing needs, and the delivery of intricate projects that contribute to the overall enhancement of Boots stores across Ireland. The ongoing works exemplify OHMG Ltd.’s unwavering commitment to quality and innovation in the realm of retail construction.

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