Mission Statement

This Mission Statement was last updated on December 2022, and the latest version is published on this page.

Mission Statement

OHMG’s corporate strategy is to exceed our client’s expectations by delivering innovative Lean buildings of outstanding quality, whilst ensuring our Stakeholders gain Social, Economic & Environmental benefits. To deliver on this promise we have developed SMART aims and objectives which reflects OHMG’S commitment to the Safety, Health, Environment & Quality (SHEQ) integrated Management System. We aspire to be leaders in shaping a sustainable, efficient and innovative construction landscape by the seamless integration of Lean Construction principles and Modern Methods of Construction. Our Employee Development and Continuous Improvement programmes have been designed to create a culture of trust, transparency, collaboration, creativity and loyalty. OHMG welcome and encourage participation and consultation from all interested parties. We provide a platform for input and feedback into the establishment and ongoing maintenance of our SHEQ management system. This process constantly improves our SHEQ performance therefore making the workplace a more rewarding and safer place to work. OHMG communicates these core values to our Stakeholders.


Safety, Health, Quality & Environmental Policy Statement

To ensure our clients receive excellent service, OHMG’s SHEQ Management System has been designed to achieve: excellent service; consistent and outstanding quality; protection and enhancement of the environment; and an accident-free workplace for all Stakeholders. OHMG, employees, sub-contractors and self-employed shall conform to their duties and responsibilities under mandatory and voluntary compliance obligations. OHMG is committed to: the Hierarchy of Controls OH&S& Waste; Prevention of injury or ill Health; Principles of Sustainability; mandatory and voluntary compliance; Protection of the Environment; and Pollution Prevention. It is the responsibility of Directors, Management, and employees to effectively implement the SHEQ Management System to deliver on these key principles of action:

  1. Senior Management is committed to implementing & enforcing the SHEQ Management.
  2. Maintaining a CDE (Dalux) for all Stakeholders and providing training to continually improve performance and quality of work.
  3. Committed to employing local labour, long term unemployed, trainees, and apprentices.
  4. Committed to the Government Carbon Zero targets.
  5. Keeping sites clean and tidy whenever possible and providing safe access and egress points.
  6. Encouraging good community relations & preventing contamination to soils or waters.
  7. Ensuring OHMG’s staff, sub-contractors, visitors to site and the public are not exposed to risk.
  8. Readily responding to SHEQ complaints and reporting accidents and dangerous occurrences.
  9. Preventing damage to surrounding natural habitats or historical features.
  10. Minimising the use of fuel, electricity and any other non-renewable resources.
  11. Encouraging the use of standardised components, off-site manufacturing & renewable energy.
  12. Promote the use of building materials from a recycled source and with a longer life span.
  13. The implementation of Site Waste Management Plans to monitor and control waste.
  14. Encourage the use of more sustainable forms of transport across our operations.
  15. Ensuring that employees and contractors understand our legal and other requirements.
  16. Committed to the principles of the Considerate Constructors Scheme.
  17. Encouraging our supply chain to adopt our Lean, Health, Safety, Quality, Social, Economic and Environmental policies.


This Mission Statement will be communicated to our employees, supply chain partners and Stakeholders. It will be reviewed at the Management Review meeting, and it has been approved and authorised by:


Name: Martin Lennon                                              Position: Managing Director

Signature: Martin Lennon                                         Date: December 2022

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